PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

Renting offshore PPE is the greener and hassle free option

January 30, 2020

Since 2013, HeliPPE has built a business as the efficient and green Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-provider to the offshore wind industry in the North Sea.
The leasing PPE-concept offers by far the easiest PPE-solution in the industry: HeliPPE provides state-of-the-art PPE equipment where and when needed, taking all the logistics and hassle out of the equation as well as reducing the financial burden and the carbon footprint in the process.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is absolute key to all wind energy companies driving a safe operation in the harsh climate in the North Sea. While PPE is essential to get the job done, few companies see the managing, logistics, warehousing and financing of PPE as core business.
For HeliPPE, however, it very much is! HeliPPE delivers the PPE at request anywhere in the North Sea Region – and HeliPPE picks it up again after use.

No hassle PPE all around the North Sea

HeliPPE is determined to make PPE as easy as possible. Headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark and with bases in Grimsby (UK) and Emden (DE) close to the customers, the Danish company has made PPE logistics core business. HeliPPE provides an easy access no fuss solution: Wherever needed and whatever the equipment required, HeliPPE can deliver fast and efficiently across the entire North Sea.  If a customer needs PPE to be delivered in an offshore wind farm in UK sector for a technician arriving from Denmark, and wants to return the PPE in Germany, that is not a problem. The cross-border co-operation in the wind industry is very much imbedded in the HeliPPE DNA.  

PPE logistics at heart

HeliPPE has turned PPE hassle in to a service industry. HeliPPE aims to solve every challenge, PPE gives the offshore companies needing to work safely offshore. Be it purchasing, track-keeping, servicing, stocking or cleaning the lifejackets, suits, harnesses and gliders, HeliPPE has a solution. Even re-certifying the equipment is provided – always with an eye on customer value and logistics at heart.

Renting PPE saves money

On top of saving the offshore companies a lot of time and hassle, renting PPE is also quite good business.  A full PPE-set costs up to £4,000 each – a lot of money, not least in companies with 50 or 100 offshore specialists all needing their individual PPE.
With leasing PPE available from £5-60 a week, renting PPE reduces the burden financially significantly, both in terms of the lessened strain on the cash flow and a simpler and more efficient process by outsourcing the entire logistics operation with a reduced demand for warehousing and other expenditures.

Leasing PPE is green PPE

The increased focus on climate change, carbon footprint and a responsible resource management all adds to the virtues of PPE via leasing.  Renting PPE reduces the need for stockpiling significantly.  HeliPPE can supply more than 2,000 suits and 2,000 vests at all times, where and when needed. This is a much more sustainable solution. Instead of a personal PPE set being in use for 3-5 months a year, rented PPE is constantly at work.  It is similar to shared, circular economy.

“Renting PPE is the simpler, greener and more efficient option.  It is hassle-free; it saves customers time and reduces the need for investment”, says Mads Enemark Nørgreen, HeliPPE-Sales Director.

Renting PPE is the most sustainable and best solution for the environment. Rented PPE-equipment is at work, not idle in a warehouse.

With three bases HeliPPE is strategically located close to its North Sea customers.  This makes the logistics easier.

“Our customers are interested in mint working condition PPE on site, on time. Not in owning it, financing it, looking for it or transporting it”, says HeliPPE-Sales Director Mads Enemark Nørgreen

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