PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

New app reduces offshore transfer delays and helps guarantee PPE compliance.

April 25, 2023

Survitec HeliPPE, a leading brand of global Survival Technology specialist Survitec, has announced the launch of a new app that aims to digitally transform Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) control for offshore technicians and managers. 

The app is designed to streamline the tracking, management, and maintenance of individual and team equipment for transfer to offshore wind facilities and while on the turbine.

Providing a complete overview of issued equipment and associated documents, the app makes it easier to keep track of essential PPE details such as serial numbers and renewal dates. Technician’s training certificates can also be added, removing the need to search through different platforms or physical folders for critical information required to travel to any offshore location. The result is a reduction in the administrative burden, increasing compliance support to, ultimately, reduce unnecessary delays to offshore operations. 

Compliance is supported with transparent certification monitoring and expiring product alerts, meaning, no more missed certificate renewal dates. An integrated traffic light system displays on the app if the technician’s training is in date and equipment is compliant for use. 

In addition, the app has a supporting web function for team managers. This allows them to holistically keep track of their technician’s PPE and certificates. 

Michael Halberg, who has been leading the project at Survitec, said: “In the fast-paced wind energy environment for which PPE is used, our app ensures our customers know the current status of their PPE at the push of a button on their mobile phones.”

“This app provides a digital record for our customers of all their PPE equipment, which is an essential requirement for travelling to any offshore location,” added Mads Enemark Nørgreen, Survitec HeliPPE COO.

Following the success of a trial phase with strategic offshore wind customers, Survitec HeliPPE is now rolling out the app with all PPE rental orders. 

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