PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore


Petzl Vertex Best Helmet with Duo LED 14 Headlamp
Petzl's Vertex Best Duo LED 14 combo offers integrated hybrid lighting with a helmet for working at-heights. The Duo LED 14 headlamps is waterproof and includes a halogen bulb along with LED lighting. The Vertex Best headlmaps includes a strong chin strap and a siz-point mesh headband. Its unventialted to protect against electrical hazards.

Key features:

  • Vertex Best helmet with durable headlamp that is waterproof to -5 meters (IP X8)
  • Choose between two powerful light sources, according to the situation:  
    focused, distance lighting has adjustable zoom with halogen bulb
    close-range lighting with three lighting modes (maximum, optimum, economic) and a long burn time, with 14 LEDs for a constant level of lighting until the batteries are almost discharged
  • Comfortable and practical:
    on/off switch locks to prevent inadvertently turning on the headlamp
    light body can be tilted
    spare halogen bulb in the head of the lamp




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