PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

Petzl I’D S Self-braking Descender

The Petzl I’D S descender featuring auto-locking and anti-panic functions has been primarily designed for rope access and working at height. However, it can also be used as a rescue descender (at an anchor), a releasable anchor and a belay device.

Key features:

  • Auto-lock system locks the load automatically
  • Anti-panic function helps to reduce the risk of an uncontrolled descent
  • The rope can be loaded without removing the device from the harness
  • Stainless steel wear plate improves durability
  • Device marking helps to install the rope properly
  • Anti-error catch helps prevent incorrect rope installation
  • Two descent modes - over the stainless-steel wear plate or in the v-shaped rope friction channel
  • Ergonomic handle for controlled descents
  • Rope can be pulled through the device without manipulating the handle (during occasional ascent, a reverse haul system or belaying)
  • Grub screw used to captivate the I’D in a pre-rigged rescue kit
  • Maximum descent speed of 2 metres per second (2m/s) (0.5 metres per second (0.5m/s) for loads over 120kg
  • 250kg rescue capacity
  • Certified Belay device


  • Use the Petzl I’D S with low stretch rope conforming to EN 1891 Type A with a diameter between 10mm-11.5mm
  • If belaying, use low stretch rope conforming to EN 1891 Type A or B or Dynamic rope to EN 892 with a diameter between 10mm-11mm




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