PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

Petzl 10mm OK Oval Triact Karabiner

Petzl 10mm OK Oval Triact Karabiner. This lightweight karabiner made of aluminium has an oval shape that allows optimal loading of devices with a wide section, such as pulleys, rope clamps, or mobile fall arresters. Triple action required to open for added safety.

OK Oval-shaped karabiner for use with pulleys, rope clamps, or mobile fall arresters.

Many pulleys need an oval-shaped karabiner to work properly. The OK karabiner is designed for just that.

It is also very useful at belays.

Key features:

  • Symmetric shape is ideal for use with belay devices to maximise efficiency no matter which end is closest to the device.
  • Optimal strength to weight ratio, the H cross-section ensures an optimal strength and protects the markings from abrasion.
  • The Petzl OK range of karabiners are available with Triact lock, Ball lock, Screw lock.

Compatible with the captiv connector positioning bar.




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