PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

Lyon 7mm Stainless Steel Wire

The stainless steel wire slings / strops have the same physical dimensions and handling properties as the galvanised versions, but with reduced spark potential and increased corrosion resistance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These are EN795 PPE Anchor Strops NOT EN13414 lifting slings.

Important Note: These are EN795 PPE Anchor Strops NOT EN13414 lifting slings

Key features:


Q: What is the size of the eyelet?

A: The eyelets are teardropped shaped: Approx 4cm long, 2cm wide (sufficiently large enough to be able to rotate a standard size screwgate karabiner though)

Q: How strong are the wire slings?

A: The Breaking Load is 25kN.

Q: Why do the Lyon wire strops no longer state ‘When used for rescue, this item is not classified as PPE and is not covered by PPE directive’

A: The markings on our wire strops changed when the manufacturer (Lyon Equipment) had them recertified to the requirements of the PPE Regulations, rather than the PPE Directive. The statement was to help clarify that the CE mark referred to the certification to EN 795 only (Although they are certified to CEN / TS 16415, for use by two people in the event of a rescue, this does not classify them as PPE, and the CE mark doesn’t refer to this certification). New markings with the CE marking boxed off with the EN795 information, and a separate box for the TS 16415 information negate the requirement for a long statement.




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