PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

Hailo Partner H-50.2

Our climb arrest system solutions stand for optimal safety, reliability, and quality. All solutions comply with the PPE Directive (EU) 2016/425, are internationally certified (e.g. in accordance with EN 353-1:2014), and suitable for use as fall arrest protection systems on fixed ladders. All parallel-running fall arrest devices, with years of proven reliable operation in practice, are additionally fitted with integrated shock absorbers to minimise catch-impact forces.

Note: In high structures such as wind turbines or incinerators, as well as machinery access sites, fall arrest systems are strictly mandatory in Germany from a fall height of ≥ 5 m (following DIN 18799-1) or ≥ 3 m (following DIN ISO 14122-4). Therefore, all Hailo Wind Systems climbing technology are specially designed as fall arrest systems when using vertical ladders or manhole steps, and also available above or below floor.

All Hailo fall arresters are certified in accordance with EN 353-1:2014 and conform to Directive 89/686/EEC.

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