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6 Hour suit - SOLAS/ETSO

With its dual SOLAS/ETSO approval, the suit can be used for helicopter and boat transfer alike. This increases cost-efficiency, as you don’t have to source a dedicated suit for each purpose.

All passengers and pilots travelling by helicopter to offshore destinations must wear ETSO approved Transportation/immersion suits and lifejackets.

Following recent EASA (European Aviation Safety Authorities) approval, VIKING has become one of only a few suppliers in the world able to offer a fully ETSO approved system comprising a transportation suits, lifejackets and the brand new Category A STASS System.

The VIKING PS4002 suit must be worn with an ETSO and SOLAS approved lifejacket.

Key features:

  • Top of the line model with optional intelligent thermal liner that regulates body heat
  • Integrated valves to remove trapped air in an evacuation situation to control buoyancy
  • Detachable gloves
  • J-zipper for added comfort
  • Ideal in demanding weather conditions and for operations to and from helidecks


SOLAS Approvals
ETSO Approvals
ETSO + SOLAS Approvals
EC (Module D) Approvals
MED 96/98/EC Approvals
IMO Res. MSC 81(70) Approvals


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