PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore

4 Hour suit - SOLAS/ETSO

SeaWind has been certified by SOLAS, ISO and EASA. As such it has been approved for most any demanding work situation. No other survival suit can claim to be suitable for such a wide range of applications as SeaWind.
Hansen Protection has worked relentlessly for a long time to be able to be the first to offer a survival suit that is approved for work, shipping and helicopter transport. To achieve the helicopter transport approval the company has had to fit the suit with a lining, and it has to be worn with a SeaLion Europe lifejacket.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic – pre-shaped construction with 100% freedom of movement
  • Breathability – durable fabrics with highly breathable properties from GoreTex
  • Lightweight – made as a shell product to reduce weight
  • Ventilation – adjustable neck-seal to enhance ventilation in non-exposed situations
  • Pockets - roomy pockets constructed with mesh to enhance the breathable properties
  • For easy integration with safety equipment such as harness and/or SeaLion lifejacket, the suit is “clean” on both chest and back
  • The suit fulfils the requirements of the IMO/Solas LSA code, and ISO 15027-1 as a 1 hour immersion/quick donning suit (without lining)
  • SeaWind fulfils the requirements for a Class D-suit (4 hours thermal protection) according to ISO 15027 and ETSO regulations (when used with a lining).




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