PPE Rental for offshore

PPE Rental for offshore


Michael Halberg founded HeliPPE in 2013. Michael saw the opportunity in the market, when he – first hand – saw companies struggling with their PPE – from service, maintenance, handling of certificates, etc.

Michael has more than 10 years experience in the wind industry, as a ground operations manager, where he was handling the costumers PPE for helicopter transport.

He saw a gap in the market and with his knowledge of the industry he was able to start the business, and that is how HeliPPE was founded – The first in northern Europe to offer professional rental of personal protection equipment.

Since HeliPPE started, the company has expanded rapidly. From 40 Immersion suits at first to more that 2000 suits and additional product lines in lifejackets, harness and communication equipment. Furthermore, the site in Esbjerg has expanded to Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom.


HeliPPE is the preferred supplier of short- and long-term rental of Personal Protection Equipment.

We believe in a One-Stop-shop because we strive to make every transaction as smooth as possible for our customers. We provide a lower cost of money and time, so we strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers. That is why we also take care of certificates and documents, and our easy and updated database is easy for our customers to log in to – From there all certificates and documents on the given PPE can be downloaded.

In long-term rentals, it occurs that the PPE needs service to uphold state regulations. It these situations you will not have any downtime. We ship new personal equipment for your technicians which arrives the same time as we take the other equipment back for service.

We are ALWAYS able to deliver PPE whenever our customers need it!


We strive to provide our customers with the best PPE options, to suit every need.


We always set to deliver high service – it is our core value. Delivering rental equipment is a service business, but if we are not good enough to meet our customers’ specific needs, we are not doing our job properly. Therefore we always aim to deliver the best specific service.


As a prolonging of our core value, service, we aim to make the process as simple as possible for our customers.
Our services aim to make it easier and more cost effective for our customers, so we must make the process as simple as possible.


Quality in our products and services are key at HeliPPE. We are providers of equipment meant to save lives, therefore it is crucial that all of our equipment is of high quality and that we keep a high quality in our handling of the products and our services.

4 quick reasons to rent


HeliPPE covers all maintnance, so you dont have to spend money and time on it.


On a longterm basis the rental model will save your company money.


We allway take care of you – We make sure you have no downtime in transition of equipment.

No Logistic

When renting equiptment at HeliPPE we make sure you do not deal with any logistics.

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